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We want to minimise your administration. By not having to move individual clients onto platforms, clients do not need to complete any new forms. The clients only need to allow us access to switch funds in their portfolios. Everything stays in the client's own name. All reporting and commission goes through you, as we are providing a flexible support service for you.

We can provide investment consistency to clients with the same attitude to risk. The level of client reporting is platform specific, but where required, we are able to supplement the platform reports to produce detailed asset allocation breakdowns.

We empathise with your challenges as we have worked closely with intermediaries since 2005. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are Chartered with TCF core to our business from the start. We provide a dedicated single point of contact and a periodic updates on our investment committee's views on the market.

To provide a cost-effective, performance-based service, the minimum portfolio size needs to be 100,000 and the investment time-frame should be at least two years. We would like to support you by meeting with you to identify your individual clients' attitude to risk and to ensure that we provide the most appropriate service.

We can offer services across any platform, but for retail investors we prefer to use platforms that allow us to create portfolios (e.g. Old Mutual, Cofunds and Transact). We are also able to provide services across all products and wrappers, such as pensions, income drawdown, ISAs, trusts, onshore and offshore bonds.

We have a clean fee structure. We only apply performance fees when we outperform the client's chosen benchmark within their attitude to risk. We operate a sliding scale based on asset under management and the client keeps the bulk of the out performance.

Contact: +44 (0)20 8715 4004     37 Dorset Road, London, SW19 3EZ
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